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SEASONAL USES for the StripHair Gentle Groomer

StripHair is known for spring-time shedding, the clean and shiny summer coat, and show-ready grooming. But did you know...? StripHair is great for ALL Seasons, even winter!

Betty's Best Challenge: Get creative, see what grooming tools you can replace with the StripHair Gentle Grooming Kit!


Grooming, shedding, cleaning and shining the short coat is what StripHair does the best! Watch our videos to see the StripHair groomers in action during the Spring and Summer months.

  • Sheds a loose winter coat quickly and easily
  • Removes dried mud and sweat
  • Grooms between tendons and other tender areas
  • Stimulates circulation and gently massages
  • Cleans off mud, debris and flakes from hoof walls
  • Distributes skin's natural oils for a softer, shinier coat
  • Removes the dreaded leg crud comfortably
  • Lathers shampoo, then slicks off rinse water
  • Erases saddle and bridle marks after a ride


In the WINTER months you can feel confident that StripHair tools will not remove any of your horse's much-needed coat until it naturally releases from the skin in the SPRING. The "Gentle Grooming Edge" is effective at removing loose hair and dirt from the skin and coat. There is NO BLADE so StripHair will never cut or fray the hair like a bladed tool can.

  • Sweep away dirt and debris
  • Remove dried mud from the coat and hooves
  • Warm the back and muscles before a ride
  • Groom to stimulate blood circulation for good health

How do I use the StripHair tools?

The large tool is a real workhorse. Use it to groom, shed, massage,scrub, and slick the horse's upper body.

  • Use 2 hands on the tool to shed and massage all the big broad areas.
  • Use 1 or 2 hands on the tool to groom, depending on your comfort preference and the job at hand.
  • To remove loose hair, dirt and dander – hold your StripHair at a 45° angle and with a moderate amount of pressure sweep in the direction of the hair growth.
  • To remove dried mud and sweat – use the textured side as you would a curry in a circular motion to break up dried mud and sweat.
  • To bathe your horse – use the textured side to work up a lather. Gently scrub in a circular motion to clean the skin and coat of dirt and sweat.
  • To squeegee after bathing – rinse your horse and use the edge to slick off excess water. It’s flexible and gentle enough to use everywhere!

The small tool is just right for 1-hand use and conveniently fits in a pocket to keep handy. It is extra flexible and safe for use on the face, bony areas and between tendons.

  • To clean the hoof wall – use the small tool to scrub away mud and flaky pieces without causing harm to the hoof wall.

How do I use the Healthy Skin spray and Grooming Cloth that come in the kit?

The Healthy Skin spray and Grooming Cloth complement the StripHair grooming tools that are designed to nourish the horse’s skin and coat.

Betty’s Best Healthy Skin is made of all-natural ingredients. It can be used as a finishing spray to give a soft shine that is not too slick, and it smells great too! Betty formulated her Healthy Skin spray as a spot treatment for the healing and relief of common skin problems such as dry and flaky skin, bug bites, skin irritations, scabs, skin-scald and more. Note: Please test a small area of skin to make sure your horse is not allergic to any of these natural ingredients. Your horse will thank you.
Betty’s Best Grooming Cloth can be moistened with water to safely clean around your horse’s eyes, nose and mouth. It rinses clean and dries in a snap! The cloth is durable and antimicrobial, so it can be used again and again to clean the face or wipe dust from the coat for that finishing touch.

What makes StripHair gentle?

It’s different! Traditional horse grooming tools can scratch the skin with a blade, teeth, or stiff bristles. StripHair by contrast is a gentle yet effective grooming tool. This unique patent pending product uses a flexible rubber edge that conforms to the horse’s body to remove hair, dirt and dander. In addition, the groomer has a textured side that curries away dried mud and sweat without scratching the skin. StripHair offers a gentle yet effective grooming experience that your horse will love!

Is StripHair more than a shedding tool?

Yes indeed! You can safely use this tool to shed, groom, curry, bathe, slick and even massage your horse.

How is shedding and grooming with StripHair different than other tools?

StripHair is comfortable. There is nothing sharp to scrape the skin unnecessarily, and nothing to pull or cut hairs like other shedding tools can. Horses love that StripHair massages the muscles and just feels good all over!

StripHair produces a shiny, springtime coat, whereas a blade can fray hair ends and dull the appearance of the coat. StripHair is mildly grippy so it is effective at removing hair and skin debris. In addition, with each stroke natural oils from the skin are being distributed into the coat for a beautiful shine!
StripHair is safe to use in the winter months. The Gentle Groomer only removes hair that is loosened from the hair follicle and ready to shed, naturally. You can use the StripHair groomer on the winter coat without worry of removing hair.

How do I clean my StripHair tools?

StripHair stays relatively clean. The tools will not hang onto hair and dirt like traditional tools because there are no bristles or places for hair, dirt and grime to collect. Just rinse with water or wipe with a dampened cloth occasionally. Think of the time you will save if you don’t have to clean out brushes! Additionally, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents are added to our material so it will not harbor or grow bacteria. Should you be worried about any type of cross-contamination between horses then simply wipe the tool with a disinfectant.

Can I buy just the StripHair tools and not the Kit?

The StripHair grooming tools are currently manufactured as a set and come in a KIT with a skin treatment spray and cloth. The products in the Kit were designed to be an all-purpose solution to caring for the skin and coat. The tools cannot be purchased individually.


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